Tri-Isthmus Group

Tri-Isthmus Group, Inc. (TIGroup) provides alternative financial solutions to the medical industry. The company is building a diversified portfolio of preferred interests in profitable Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) and is working to accelerate a recapitalization product to significantly scale its portfolio. ASCs are independent, stand-alone centers where surgeries are performed on an out-patient basis. Procedures performed at ASCs typically include orthopedic surgeries, non-invasive laser surgeries, podiatry, and obstetrics-gynecology surgeries.

TIGroup’s signature offering, the “ASC Re-cap,” enables physician- owners the opportunity to realize cash without surrendering operational control of an ASC facility. For TIGroup, the ASC Re-cap program generates a portfolio of investments yielding consistent and predictable cash flows from preferred and equity distributions.

Author: americanmicrocapinstitute

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