Memry is the leading independent manufacturer of Nitinol components to the medical device industry and is the worlds largest producer of Nitinol tubing, wire, strip and components. The company’s products use the special properties of Nitinol shape memory alloys (SMA) and proprietary polymer extrusion technologies.

The company has grown from $1.1 million in revenues in 1996 to $45 million in fiscal year 2005.

memry company

Memry sells primarily to the medical device industry. The shape memory properties of the company’s Nitinol materials are ideal for medical stent components, catheters, guidewires and laparoscopic sub-assemblies, which provide superior performance in surgical applications. Medical device customers include Medtronic, Tyco and Boston Scientific.

With the acquisition of Putnam Plastics, Memry participates in the medical device industry as a high value engineering provider of Nitinol-based and polymer-based next-generation medical device components. Putnam is a specialized plastics manufacturer that provides components for medical devices such as guidewires and catheters, including delivery catheters for stents. Its primary products are complex, multi-lumen, multi-layer extrusions used for guide wires, catheters, delivery systems and various other high-end interventional medical devices.

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