Diatect International Corporation

Diatect International Corporation is an insect control and natural resource company headquartered near Salt Lake City, Utah. Diatect’s products and services are sold into the multi-billion dollar agriculture, industrial, home and garden industry worldwide. The company is dedicated to protecting the earth’s environment and its inhabitants by producing registered EPA non-toxic insect control products that safely eliminate harmful insects in a cost-effective manner.

Diatect International Corporation

The company produces Diatect™ and Results™ insect control products. These represent a new generation of EPA-labeled and approved non-toxic insect controls for sustainable and organic food production. Available nationwide, Diatect products are so safe that they can be applied to fruits and vegetables the same day they are harvested. They can be applied as a dust or sprayed in solution with water. Focusing on the fire ant, tomato-and-garden, rose and floral and indoor markets, the Results line of products are packaged for over-the-counter and consumer use.

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